Advance Union Member Missions with Instant Teleconference

Advance Union Member Missions with Instant Teleconference

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How Unions Can Use Instant Teleconference to Advance Members' Solidarity Missions

We’ve all been on them: those disorganized, ineffective teleconference calls that make you scratch your head – or just want to jump off the call in frustration! Or, quietly internalize questions of confusion. You know them: the old time wasting, interruptive, inefficient group teleconference calls, where you’re forced to suffer through outmoded telephone technologies. It’s where waiting on others to arrive, speak, or get through a sentence is as painful as sitting through an elementary grade-class read aloud, waiting for the final sentence of a Dick and Jane Reader, which causes an agonizing and unnecessary delay for the entire elementary class’s ability to rush outside for a recess-break!

There are even weirder calls – like the teleconference organizer/host asking:

“Can we please stop the cross-chatter?”

“Do I hear a baby crying?”

“Do I hear farm animals? Alright, who’s calling from Hazard, Kentucky – Dukes of Hazzard County?”

Too often, valuable minutes can be lost in the awkward initiation processes: perhaps time wasted trying to get hold of people who may have forgotten about the call; or trying to determine the source of the excessive background noise. This is especially important during time-sensitive group meetings, where you’d like to ensure all communication with necessary stakeholders is done as efficiently as possible.

How about when it comes to issues of confidentiality with union issues, business, and topics for discussion? How secure is a “private” union meeting if you still have to engage a third-party telephony service vendor’s call-in operator/moderator on a union teleconference call?

If this is what you typically experience with your union’s teleconference calls, perhaps you need a digitized teleconference service that enables you to minimize and optimize time in planning and initiating the conference call. There’s a better way to get straight to union business!

SimplyCast's Instant Teleconference application has the perfect fix for these teleconference frustrations! With efficient teleconference application features like dialing out to connect, a conference management interface, the ability to connect with many, and detailed reporting, your local and national union members will really appreciate the elevated level of service and teleconference time management improvements these benefits provide!

With its unique dial-out feature, Instant Teleconference allows the conference manager to schedule teleconference calls and have the solution instantaneously and simultaneously dial out to ALL required participants at once, rather than waiting on them to dial into the teleconference. Imagine being able to drastically reduce the amount of time spent trying to reach callers who have misplaced dial-in details? Or, imagine the ability to use a drag-and-drop mapping feature that intuitively dials only union members within your local geographic area. Now how cool is that?

 Mapping tool

Plus, through the SimplyCast Teleconference application’s ability to send out teleconference invitations and reminders, Instant Teleconference helps you ensure all participants who have access to a telephone or mobile device are aware of the call. Invitations are immediately sent out to participants once the teleconference is scheduled and reminders can be sent up to a minute before the conference is scheduled to start.

Once all teleconference participants have made it onto the call, the conference manager (or host) is also able to monitor and manage the call through an interactive interface in the Instant Teleconference application. From this page, the host can mute all participants at once (except themselves); record portions of the conference for replay later; as well as add and/or remove participants to the call as needed – meaning no more annoying disruptions from Old MacDonald’s farm animals causing disruptive background noise from the countrified callers!

When muted, participants are able to digitally "raise their hand" if they would like to speak or ask a question on the call and the conference host will see a hand symbol appear next to the individual's name on the monitoring page in the application. The host can then unmute that particular participant, allowing them the chance to speak. This effective mute/unmute feature helps keep the conference running smoothly, keeping it on track so time is not unnecessarily wasted.

Once the teleconference has reached its conclusion, the host can automatically disconnect all participants at once by clicking a button on the monitoring page. A record of the call and all participants will be saved in SimplyCast's reporting interface for future analysis if required.

So, are you looking for a way to save time, gather information, and make important decisions more efficiently?

Instant Teleconference offers savvy union leaders and time management-conscious conference call hosts a better way to hold and manage their collective organizations' teleconference calls. However, for those who still prefer the traditional method of having participants call into a pre-defined conference line, the system also retains a bit of old school ways by accommodating this capability, too.

If your union’s executive leadership team – or noble brothers and sisters – would like to learn more about how SimplyCast's Instant Teleconference features can optimize your meetings by achieving stronger solidarity in advocating for, or advancing, your collective rights and union initiatives, reach out to a SimplyCast union solutions sales representative, to check out this Canadian-made automated communication engagement solution.

Key ‘Union Solution Use-Case' Take Away

SimplyCast's Instant Teleconference enables easy and rapid teleconference call setup with ALL relevant and important union members within minutes. These innovative technology features are unique to SimplyCast, allowing instantaneous/simultaneous dial out(s) with everyone within your “must participate” communication silo. No more having to send out call-in numbers and login codes, although Instant Teleconference still supports standard dial-in teleconference participation if required. No more having to engage or involve a third-party vendor call-in operator/moderator in confidential union teleconference business.

Click the button below to request a one-on-one demo of the SimplyCast Instant Teleconference solution!

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