Unique Entries to Boost Veterinary Newsletter Variety

Unique Entries to Boost Veterinary Newsletter Variety

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Boost Veterinary Newsletter Variety

So you're putting out a newsletter, but it's not getting many reads. It's just business stuff: how well your practice is doing, a number of animals treated and that sort of thing. You're not connecting with or engaging your clients, because this isn't what they want to read. Now, you could just keep at it and make an effort to get them to accept it. But that won't help your veterinary business.

How can I make my newsletter connect with veterinary clients personally?

  • Pet accessories on a budget: Showing people how to get the best value for the best product for their pets will always be a hit. Your newsletter will appeal to something they have a vested interest in, and so will draw them in.
  • Care and keeping of <insert breed here>: With automated marketing, you can easily keep track of who owns what kind of animal. Drawing in prospective pet owners with care and well-being tips will go over great, and will likely mean that people will bring their new pets to you for care as well.
  • Common ailments and how to protect against them: Keeping people informed of the prevalence of things like cherry eye or Lyme disease and how to prevent them (and when to take their animal into the vet) will boost their confidence in your knowledge and make them feel comfortable talking with you. It will also make them feel more knowledgeable.

These tips will go a long way to making a better veterinary newsletter, but there's more that needs to be done too. Look out for other tips and tricks on our blog, as well as searching on your own. There are tons of things you can do with an email newsletter, and almost all of them are possible with SimplyCast 360.

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