Universities: Are You Maximizing Your Student Engagement?

Universities: Are You Maximizing Your Student Engagement?

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Maximize Your Student Engagement

Universities and other higher education institutions are constantly recruiting new students and trying to better address the needs of current students. It is crucial to bring in new students to keep the atmosphere thriving, and retaining these students is equally important. How can you promote your school to potential students and keep students engaged throughout their entire post-secondary experience?

Connect through Social Media: Social media is a highly successful way of connecting with potential students. Post pictures, comments, fun contests and more in order to peak interest.

Post signup forms on your Twitter and Facebook pages (as well as your website) so visitors can provide their contact data and automatically receive information about classes and programs, targeted to their individual interests. With university marketing automation software, your pages can be automatically updated to keep them fresh.

Social media is also an ideal method of two-way communication. Make sure you are interacting with potential new students. Ask relevant questions. Answer questions soon after they are posted by visitors. "Like" visitor comments. This type of social interaction requires some attention, yet the rewards can be great. It shows that you are an active, engaged school that takes its students' opinions seriously.

Cater to Unique Individuals: Students making the transition from high school to university might feel like just another number or worry that the school does not address their individual needs.

Automation software makes it easy to send different messages to students and potential students based on their personal information and selections. For example, if a student is coming from another province, state or country, they may receive additional information about residence and other on-campus living requirements like meal plans.

Reach Out throughout the Year: Keep current students engaged with automated messages that are sent out during the year. An automated education solution makes it simple to stay in touch with every student through email, SMS or voicemail.

Remind students of important school dates, campus health care and career counselling services, fun campus events and school weather closure notices. Brief regular messages keep students up to date and engaged with what is happening in the school community. They also help to alert students to all the valuable resources that are available, so students know where to go if they need help.

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