Dental Newsletters: How to Keep Patients Up to Date

Dental Newsletters: How to Keep Patients Up to Date

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Dental Newsletters

Dental practice marketing can be tricky business, even with the tools to do it. One of the best ways to make people comfortable and share your services are dental newsletters. Of course, you have to get their permission to send them emails, so a good dental office experience is vital. Celebrating clients who have had their lives improved, detail dental practice events for the coming months, market your dental services and more in monthly dental newsletters. Emails keep a rapport going with your dental patients even when the leave the office. It maintains contact with them so that they want to keep coming back to you. Here are some best practices to incorporate into your dental marketing newsletter to help improve things for your marketing staff.

1. Educate your patients with marketing for your elective dental services

People usually only seek out a dental office when something is wrong. But dentists offer plenty of elective services that people might not know about, and can improve their overall oral health and quality of life. Mention those services in your newsletter. This information may be useful or relevant at some point, so it's worth letting them know about it.

2. Include a word from the medical staff at your dental practice

Having someone poke about in your mouth during dental procedures is uncomfortable for some people. Being familiar with the staff and seeing messages from them every month helps. It lets the patient get an idea of who their doctor is both professionally and personally. This in turn makes them less uncomfortable, and helps build a lasting relationship with the doctor they see. This helps to market your dental practice and allows for a more personal connection, building loyalty.

3. Offer a unique dental marketing incentives in your dental newsletters

A common theme in any dental marketing newsletters, and indeed in virtually every newsletter out there, is offering a free consultation and discounts on a service that the practice performs often. This helps to bring existing clients in for new examinations and procedures, and also attract new clients. Don't restrict your promotion to current patients of your practice. Social media is a great way to reach out to new clients. Every interaction with someone has the potential to bring in additional prospective patients.

4. Set up a referral marketing program for your dental patients

To pair with the idea of marketing specials that are open to the public, offering benefits or promotions for patients who refer friends and family is a good way to open the door. This will open you up to new dental patients. Marketing yourself in this way, in tandem with a good experience and a good newsletter, is a great way to boost your annual revenue.

These are just a few of a large number of possible dental marketing newsletter tricks that can help you grow and maintain a patient base, turning one-time visitors into lifetime customers. Newsletter marketing builds loyalty and increases engagement. You might be the only dentist in town, but you should always try to make the experience and your newsletter as engaging as possible. Create lifetime patients who love you and your services. For more information on building your business using marketing automation, and to see other information we've put up you can check out our marketing automation page!

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