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Since it is our goal to provide our customers the best, possible email marketing service there is, the one feature we knew we had to spruce up a bit was the editor. After all that is where all the hard work is done when you are creating your wonderful campaigns. Version 5.0 of SimplyCast will have the latest version of WYSIWYG (HTML) editor that among other things, allows you to add YouTube videos, flash files and much more. We would tell you that the editor is so easy to use that even your computer-phobic mom could use it but maybe that is a stretch? Regardless, we are confident you will enjoy trying it out and seeing for yourself how easy it is to use.

Speaking of easy to use, go to the SimplyCast website now and enter coupon code LAUNCH2 at the point of purchase to receive a 10% discount off your first month.

August 10th is almost here. SimplyCast Version 5.0 is coming. Are you ready?



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