Marketing to Governments and Voters: How Social Media Helps

Marketing to Governments and Voters: How Social Media Helps

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Marketing to Governments

The governments of many states, provinces, and areas are now embracing social media as a tool to communicate with citizens. Social media is an effective marketing tool and can be used for a wide range of government-related purposes to improve communication, effectively connect with voters, and make marketing to the government and voters overall easier. Are you using your government social media page to its potential?

Automated Messages

Save time by using an automated marketing solution. Have your social media manager or another staff member create a series of messages and schedule them to post over the course of a month or so. This way, you don't have to manually update your social media pages every day when marketing to the government stakeholders and voters. All you have to do is monitor them for comments or questions that get posted, and make sure you're following up with them.

Trending Topics

A great way to show that your government is engaged and up to date is by creating posts which refer to topics that are currently trending on social media and offer some valuable information. Twitter and Facebook use hashtags, words or phrases that you can use to tag your post so it shows up if someone searches for that topic. For example, if lots of people in your area are currently talking about creating local jobs on social media, you could create a message such as: "#LocalJobs are essential to maintaining economic stability and growth in our area, which is why we are supporting the #WorkLocal program. Check it out by clicking this link."

Voting Updates and Reminders

Social media can create a buzz of excitement around voting day and can keep voters engaged with consistent messages and campaign images. Post messages leading up to voting day that remind voters of the date, time and locations where they can vote.

New Legislation or Rules

Educate people about new laws or municipal regulations that they should be aware of. Provide people with the information they need so they will be prepared. These messages also help to show transparency in your government, which is what many voters are seeking.

Office Closures

Government offices have holidays and hours that can sometimes be strange and confusing to people trying to contact a staff member in the office. Post your office hours in advance if there is a scheduled holiday so that people will know the details and will not be frustrated when they're trying to contact the office. If the office is closed on short notice, post messages on your social media pages to alert people.

Community Events

Show people that you are involved in your local community by posting pictures and messages about your contribution to local business events, charity events and so on. Voters want to see your government getting involved and supporting community initiatives, and social media is an ideal way to spread the word.

Weather Warnings or Emergency Communication

When an emergency arises or when you want to ensure that everyone receives a weather warning in time, post repeated messages on your social media pages. Social media is a quick and efficient way to reach a lot of people and the messages will be shared with an even wider audience by people who view the message.

Make Marketing to the Government Easier with Automation

Sign up for a free SimplyCast account to try automated government marketing. You can also contact the SimplyCast sales team for more information! Automation is easy and effective, and it's a great way to connect with your voters.

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