How You Can Use Social Media to Promote Books

How You Can Use Social Media to Promote Books

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Social Media

With social media becoming a prominent method of communication, it is important that those who are promoting books take advantage of it. Whether you are a book publisher, retailer or independent author, it is important that you leverage the intimacy of social media to promote your books.

Host Online Author Q&As

Readers love to ask questions about the book they are reading. Who else better to ask than the author? Engage your readers by allowing them to ask questions to the author directly. Social media is the perfect platform for this because it is connected to your readers' personal accounts. This makes the Q&A a personalized experience for each reader, which boost reader engagement.

Have Contests

Social media is a great place to have contests. Contests are an interactive way to get your readers interested and boost engagement. Contest posts are likely to be shared on social media, which extends your reach. "Share this post to for a chance to win a reading prize package" or "Post a photo of your favorite book and be entered into a draw" are engaging posts that encourage readers to share your posts with their networks.

Exclusive Promotions

Everyone likes to score a deal. Cash in on this feeling by offering your readers exclusive social media promotions. By offering exclusive promotions, you will increase the number of people following you on social media because they will also want to take advantage of these promotions. Make your posts engaging for your social media followers by getting them involved instead of just giving them the discount. "Tell us about your favorite place to read and get 25% off your next book order" is more engaging than "Here's 25% off your next book order." Sure, the latter will still be redeemed, but the former option is more engaging and will make readers think.

Use Automation to Make Social Media Easy

Marketing automation can help you manage your social media accounts by scheduling and posting automatically. Sign up for a free 14-day trial and see what marketing automation can do for your book promotion!

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