Use These 5 Words if You Want More Email Opens

Use These 5 Words if You Want More Email Opens

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Everyone wants the one magic potion or a quick fix that will haul in the email opens by the truckload. Because, as we all know, email opens is the critical first step any subscriber takes before clicking on links or converting action into sales.

Until that impossibility becomes a reality, there is something that you can do today that will drive more email opens: use specific, targeted words that will increase your email opens.

Though these words are perfect to use in the body of your email, the ideal place to put them for more opens is in your subject line.

Write your subject line around these words (in a particular order). To add more oomph to your subject line, start with them.

1. Welcome

Why is "welcome" number 1?

A "welcome" email is just that: welcoming new subscribers to your email service. Also, this type of email autoresponder serves as the second step in the industry recommended double opt-in process where subscribers reconfirm their choice to sign up.

"Welcome" emails are almost always open by subscribers. To sweeten the pot, add a special promotion or deal to the "welcome" subject line.

2. Top

There isn't a simpler word to describe the very best of something than "top." "Top 5" or "Top Tips" are easy ways to draw in email opens.

3. Special

Just like "top," everyone wants something that's unique and, well, "special." "Special" signifies something that not everyone has or has access to.

A "special" deal or promotion encourages more email opens because it appears as though the company is offering an item or service that's one-of-a-kind, and if the email subscriber doesn't jump on it immediately, the deal will disappear.

4. Now

This word is a bit tricky because it does appear on some flagged spam words. But, if used sparingly, say just in your subject line, you'll skate through the spam filters.

"Now" is very evocative and powerful. "Now" plays to our emotions.

Like "special," "now" shows email subscribers that if they don't take advantage of this deal, then they're not only missing out, there's a chance that this type of deal will never come back again.

Just use "now" cautiously.

5. Deal

"Deal" is like "now," in that, it can trigger spam filters to block or reject the email. Again, use this word sparingly.

A "deal" actually sounds better to a subscriber than a sale. Why? A sale means that the item or service is temporarily discounted and that the company needs to get rid of it quickly. However, a "deal" means that the company recognizes the value in a product but since the product is so awesome, they're willing to drop down the price.

6. Bonus: Numbers

Really, any number works, including "50% Off" or "Top 5 Biggest Blunders Your Boss Makes." Regardless of the intent of the number – a discount or list – using numbers puts a tangible and real value to your email content.

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