SimplyCast Blog: How to Use Twitter for Marketing to Promote Your Business

How to Use Twitter for Marketing to Promote Your Business

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How to Use Twitter for Marketing

Twitter is a huge force for online marketing, but you have to know how to use it for your business. We're here with some tips to help you learn how to use Twitter for marketing.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Social media helps you reach out to a new audience, so you need to be sure that you are promoting a strong and consistent brand. Make your Twitter profile picture a branded image with your logo and your colors. Your user name should be the name of your company or as close as you can get to it. Promote your company's identity in your biography. Ensure that your tweets maintain a consistent voice so customers can build a connection with you.

Provide Great Content

Gaining Twitter followers and using Twitter successfully for marketing depends on having engaging content. Pictures and videos are a great place to start. Contests and promotions are exciting and help you reach customers. These tweets are likely to receive a lot of interaction from your followers. Customer testimonials build trust and develop a sense of honest feedback. Links to online surveys allows your followers the chance to share their opinions. News and company information is, of course, part of the whole tweeting process. Links to educational resources such as buyer's guides and white papers let your followers know that you are a knowledge authority that they can trust.

Get in Touch with Other Twitter Influencers

Follow big names in your industry so you can stay up to date with relevant news and developments. Who you follow is just as important as who follows you. Keep up to date and comment, share and retweet tweets put out by others. This shows that you are engaged with your industry and not just interested in boring self-promotion.

Interact with Your Followers

There is no point to have a Twitter account if you don't intend to respond to your followers. When someone tweets a question or comment, reply promptly. When someone wins a contest, share their name and picture (with their permission, of course). When you take the time to interact with your followers on Twitter, you build up a strong reputation as a customer-focused company. This creates loyalty, trust and engagement among your customers.

Have a Consistent Tweet Schedule

If you don't post regularly, your Twitter page will look stale and uninviting. Tweet consistently and tweet often. Use an automated Twitter marketing solution to keep your Twitter content fresh so you don't have to spend all your time manually tweeting.

Cross Promote on Multiple Channels

Twitter marketing by itself is not enough. Integrate your Twitter marketing with Facebook, email, text message marketing efforts and so on. This is the best way to keep your brand consistent and reach the widest possible audience.

Try our multi-channel marketing automation solution, SimplyCast 360, to combine your marketing. The free 14 day trial enables you to see what marketing automation can do for your business and your Twitter marketing.

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