Using Inbound Marketing Software for Sales Engagement

Using Inbound Marketing Software for Sales Engagement

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Inbound Marketing Software

Using inbound marketing software is no longer an optional strategy to attract potential clients – it's the headline feature of any sales closing strategy. Unfortunately, it's not working for everyone because inbound marketing software is only one part of two important pieces of your sales strategy.

What's Missing? Sales Engagement.

You see, inbound marketing software is fantastic at getting phone calls and emails sent to your frontline sales team but so often it ends when the customer either doesn't respond or wants more time to think. That's where sales engagement comes in, where the new focus is all about keeping that customer or client connected with your organization through a variety of communication channels and tons of content.

Use Multiple Channels

Did the customer download a whitepaper or click a tagged link in a blog post on a certain topic? Put them into a drip campaign where they receive weekly, insightful emails with content from across the industry on the challenges it presents and how your product or service can surmount them. If the customer is looking for a mobile marketing solution, have a shortcode on each page they can use to sign up and test your system.

Tracking Engagement

By having campaigns set up that score their email open rates you can find out what they find engaging and have all of the data stored in a CRM for any sales team member to review. As more information becomes available, you can provide them with more tailored content so they stay engaged with your brand. By continually providing what could have been cold leads with a stream of content dictated by their interests, they begin to warm up and get interested in what you have to offer.

Closing the Deal

As all of this is happening, your sales team continues to do their everyday jobs by locking down hot leads while the lead never goes cold, it just simmers. With inbound marketing, after a contact has clicked a set amount of links or opened a set amount of emails your sales team gets a notification. By going through the contact's file in the CRM, they are able to build a comprehensive picture of what the contact wants so they are ready for the next call (and to close the deal).

All of this is possible through sales engagement, which you can easily implement by using the right inbound marketing software.

Start Using Inbound Marketing Software for Sales Engagement Today

Every feature mentioned in this blog is a part of SimplyCast's all-in-one communication engagement solution – and our team can show you. Give our sales team a call 1-866-323-6572 ext. 1 to book a demo, or email any questions or ideas you have to

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