Utility Billing Solutions for Reducing Late Paying Customers

Utility Billing Solutions for Reducing Late Paying Customers

Utility Billing Solutions

Do you ever face challenges with customer billing? Customers forget to pay their bills on time, it's difficult to get in touch with them and they complain about utility rates. We have a few ideas on how to boost customer satisfaction and get customers to pay their bills on time, without adding to your daily workload.

Automatic Bill Payment Date Reminders

Often the reason customers are late with their utility billing is that they simply forgot the payment due date. All they need is a friendly reminder that the date to pay their bill is quickly approaching. With an automated utility solution, bill payment notifications are sent out automatically based on each customer's individual stored dates. Reminder messages are sent through email, voicemail or text message depending on what the customer prefers.

When the customer pays, an automated thank you message is sent with additional information and a confirmation. If the billing date passes and the customer still hasn't paid, additional messages are set out automatically.

Run Utility Billing Contests

Ever thought about holding a contest where customers can win utility bill payment for a year? This is a great way to get customers excited and boost engagement. Let customers know that when they pay their next utility bill (before the due date, of course), they will be entered to win free utility service for a year. This will get customers interested and entice them to make their utility bill payments on time.

Promote the contest on your social media pages to gain exposure. Contest posts get some of the highest interaction on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. An automated solution will post all your contest messages for you so you don't have to spend time manually posting.

Learn More About Customer Preferences with a Survey

It's hard to know how and when customers prefer to pay their utility bill unless you get true feedback from them. Send out an automated online survey to all your customers to learn more about their needs. Ask how they prefer to pay: online, through their bank, over the phone, by mail, on your website, etc. Ask when they prefer to pay: every month, every two months, at the beginning of the month, at the end of the month and so on. Ask them if they have ever made a late payment and, if so, what was the reason.

By asking simple, relevant questions you will learn more about your customers. By learning more about your customers you will improve your utility billing solutions and services. And by improving your services you will boost customer satisfaction!

With an all-in-one automated solution, it is simple to create online surveys. You don't need to know how to code or how to design in order to make a great survey. Our automated utility communication and marketing solution features a simple drag and drop interface. Add many different types of questions, choose from a wide range of pre-made online survey templates, select brand-consistent colors and much more. Then our automated solution will distribute the survey to your customers and collect all the results. All you have to do is analyze the survey results and learn how to optimize your services.

Try an All-in-One Utility Communication and Marketing Solution Today

Try our utility solution for free. It includes over 15 channels of communication, including email, live chat, social media management, text messaging, survey, fax and many more. Our experts will be more than happy to give you a demo! Click the button below!

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