Version 7.6 and a Newly Designed Website

Version 7.6 and a Newly Designed Website

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Newly Designed Website

Do things look different today? If you have been to our blog before, then you are for sure, saying yes. That is because we have redesigned our website and blog. What do you think? Since we added Mortimer to the team, we also had to spruce up the site and update the design. What do you think?

Our website team worked long hours to get the job done and they would love to hear your opinion.

We also timed the new website look with the launch of the newest version of SimplyCast - version 7.6. Sign up or login right now and check out all of the new features that are sure to help explode your marketing.

The highlights include:

- A brand new editor that is addicting to use and better than any other editor out there. This includes a new batch of templates and creation options.

- New languages which include German, Japanese, Arabic and Korean.

- Mailer optimization to once again increase sending speeds (just how fast can we get them??)

- New CRM integrations. This time we add Capsule CRM and Oracle to the list.

- LinkedIn sign in integration. We already allow you to sign in via Twitter, Facebook, Google and Yahoo.

- Our team has totally redone our form builder channel and it is pretty slick.

- The already mentioned pricing updates which will be a part of our new billing system and package creator. Learn more about why we made the updates here.

There will be much more on these updates soon but for now we want to share all of this great news with you.

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