SimplyCast Blog: Version 8.4 is Ready to Go

Version 8.4 is Ready to Go

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Version 8.4 is Ready to Go

It's time to launch version 8.4! We are introducing a few new improvements, while continuing to focus on an interactive customer experience and easy-to-understand tools.

For everyone who is creating email marketing campaigns, we have redesigned the user interface on our simple editor. It is now easier to create, view and edit your email messages.

List segmentation has been reintroduced in our contact management tool, so you can provide your customers with highly targeted online marketing campaigns. And, when you're selecting lists to send to, you will be able to view the total number of contacts who will be receiving your campaign.

On the side of social media, we are providing more options to customize your Twitter and Facebook pages. You can now select a location for your tweets, which can be updated whenever you want. As for Facebook, you can post photos to your page directly from our app.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team. We are always working to better serve your needs.

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