Version 8.6 of SimplyCast Application is Being Released Today

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Version 8.6

A new version of the SimplyCast application is being released today, and there are exciting new updates to talk about in a few areas.

The SimplyCast 360 Customer Flow Communication platform has been receiving some updates to provide even more control for customers. You can now decide exactly how many of your subscribers you want to receive a particular type of campaign. Are text messages more effective for you, but some of your subscribers just prefer emails? Set up your campaign to send text messages to 80% of your subscribers and email to the other 20%.

You can also copy your text message, fax, email and voice campaigns quickly and easily in the 360 platform and make copies of your campaign connections with all your settings preserved. Simple and efficient.

The 360 platform now gives you more information on how often your connections will trigger, allowing you to know exactly how and when connections will be set off. Connections in your campaigns can be activated individually, so you get complete control over what goes live and when.

In addition to the updates to the 360 Customer Flow Communication platform, we also have a revamped billing system for our customers. One of the changes is that SimplyCast now offers a shopping cart system for our application, which is designed to be easy to use.

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