SimplyCast Blog: Version 8.7 is Here! Have You Tried it Yet?

Version 8.7 is Here! Have You Tried it Yet?

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Version 8.7

You've heard about it, we've optimized it and it's finally here! Version 8.7 brings many exciting improvements and customer-requested features.

The biggest news is the powerful Contact Manager, which was designed based on feedback from our customers. The Contact Manager will give you the most control, functionality and efficiency you've ever had with your automated marketing. Using the Contact Manager, you are able to manage all your contacts automatically, create customizable sales pipelines, nurture leads and move them through your sales pipeline and much more. Did we mention the Contact Manager is free to use?

The Contact Manager makes it possible to score, rate and move your leads, both automatically and manually. You can add information, tags and notes to each contact's profile. If you are using the Contact Manager along with SimplyCast 360, you will notice the enhanced ability to personalize and target campaigns. Any actions that contacts take in your 360 campaigns are recorded by the Contact Manager for further retargeting.

Once you've tried out the Contact Manager, check out the rest of 8.7. It features optimized multi-user accounts which are especially useful for agencies and other businesses that have multiple staff members working on a single campaign. The main account holder sets the permissions for each user.

Reports have been optimized to provide more detailed data in an easy to understand format, and they feature a new location map. Also SimplyCast 360 has received a new user interface for increased ease of use.

Landing Page has been improved so you can view a heatmap of visitor activity. This enables you to see which parts of your landing pages visitors interact with most so you can optimize future pages. You can even have PayPal on your landing pages now for customer convenience.

Try 8.7 for yourself! And please remember to pass along your questions and feedback to our Customer Care team.

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