SimplyCast Blog: Version 8.7: Your Lead Nurturing Dreams are Coming True

Version 8.7: Your Lead Nurturing Dreams are Coming True

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Lead Nurturing Dreams

Version 8.7 of our application is coming very soon! The SimplyCast team is always listening to customer comments and requests, and we try to make changes to our application based on the functionality that our customers want. Our customers have been asking us for better lead nurturing and lead management tools so that they can shorten their sales cycle and more effectively connect with hot leads. We listened, and we are now proud to introduce the new SimplyCast Contact Manager, which will be available in Version 8.7.

The new Contact Manager enables you to analyze customer behaviour in detail on your website and in messages that you send out. The Contact Manager has a new simple style for the dashboard, in order to make for a very user friendly experience. Using the Contact Manager, you can track behaviour, improve productivity, manage and nurture leads, integrate with third party CRMs, track anonymous visitors and much more.

We're sure you'll be eager to try the new Contact Manager for your leads, but you do not have to switch over to version 8.7 right away. For eligible customers who wish to convert, you will see a conversion option the next time you login once the conversion process becomes available. The conversion process is completely automated.

So what else is new with our application? Well, we have new reports. Our customers asked for more data and we wanted to provide the most data possible in a simple, easy to understand format. Reports for all our applications are now more in-depth, while still retaining a straightforward look and feel. Reports also feature a new location map. Did we mention they are now even faster to load and also customizable?

Subaccounts have received a bit of a makeover. We now refer to Subaccounts as Multi-User Accounts. Customers now have better multiple user management. You can easily control user permissions through the user's login.

SimplyCast 360 has an updated user interface to make it easier to use. It also has more compact Items and expandable Items so you can organize your campaigns with ease. Items are also color-coded to clearly distinguish them from one another.

Our Landing Page application has also gone through an optimization process. Users can now publish and unpublish pages when they like. You can view a heatmap of activity on the page, to see which area gets a lot of clicks and interaction, in order to improve the layout of the page. Landing pages also have custom domain support so you can stay brand consistent, and you can now use PayPal on your landing pages.

Pricing has received an overhaul, making it less complicated. We also now offer bundled pricing!

A lot is changing in our application. Keep the feedback coming as we look forward to offering you a robust yet easy to use application.

Have questions? Comments? Suggestion? Please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team. We are here to help you, and we can help you convert to Version 8.7 if you're ready.

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