Version 8.8 is One of Our Most Exciting Releases Yet

Version 8.8 is One of Our Most Exciting Releases Yet

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Version 8.8

Version 8.8 of our application is almost here, and we are proud to share some of the best new features with you.

We hope you have already had a chance to try out our new and improved Contact Manager. With 8.8 comes the release of Sonar so you can combine highly detailed and ongoing tracking information with your already collected contact information.

Sonar tracks leads and customers on your website, social media pages, landing pages, emails and more. This type of consistent tracking enables you to create even more personalized campaigns for each unique customer.

Sonar is completely free for all users. It is especially effective when used in conjunction with SimplyCast 360. The collected customer and lead data feeds into 360 and helps automatically generate highly targeted marketing and communication campaigns. This saves you time while helping you effectively connect with more customers.

We also listened to your requests for more permissions options. Each channel has received new permissions, which makes it easy to set specific roles for each of your staff members. The main account holder decides who is able to access which channels and features. If you are part of a marketing agency or other company that has multiple staff members working on campaigns, permissions are ideal.

We have a comprehensive new offering called Agency365 that you can check out. The Agency365 is based around permissions options, and it enables your team to manage multiple client accounts from a single master agency account. The agency account is designed to make your marketing process very efficient and simple. We developed the Agency365 account based on real feedback from agencies, and based around their most common and pressing needs.

EngagerLive is another one of our new tools. It is a free live chat software that you add to your website by copying and pasting a single line of code. Answer your customers' questions as soon as they hit your website. This means they won't have to wait for customer support on the phone, and they can find information quickly. EngagerLive helps to contribute to a more complete online presence. It also increases customer interaction and satisfaction.

8.8 will be here very soon! To learn more, please contact our Customer Care Team at or @SimplyCastHelp.

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