The Very Best Fax Marketing Tips of 2011

The Very Best Fax Marketing Tips of 2011


1. Everyone has faxing capabilities either through old school, paper-based machines or digitally.

2. Creating fax marketing content actually forces you to become a better writer. Why? Some marketers see a huge expanse of paper and assume they can take up as much space as they need to get their message across. In fact, because you have essentially limitless space (compared to, say, SMS) you need to hone your writing skills and pare down your language.

3. With faxing, design schemes are limitless. Unlike web-based applications, faxing isn't limited to the type of fonts (think websites) or type of graphics (think downloading speed and SEO issues).

4. Since fax marketing is highly regulated, every single subscriber wants to hear from you because they chose to.

5. Faxing stands out against other online marketing strategies for its clean and simple presentation.

6. For fax subscribers that receive your faxes digitally (on their computer), usually the fax comes through as a PDF. This is absolutely fantastic. Unlike emails, PDFs are universally read by any type of computer or operating system, which makes forwarding your great deal to others simple and easy.

7. Never degrade your products with cheesy promotions. Sure, everyone wants to lure in customers to buy their latest product, but certainly not at the expense of their reputation. So, how do you avoid the cheesy promotion so common with fax marketing? Be honest. Be straightforward. Be consistent. Stick with integrity. It will never fail you or lead you down the thorny path of cheesiness.

8. Lots of !!!!! Never Work. This tip also applies to CAPITAL LETTERS. If you feel as though you need to resort to visual gimmicks to draw in your customers, then stop. Just, stop. This screams not only desperation but also that you're unprofessional and that you'll stoop to the lowest level in order to get a sale. Have you ever seen Google use those tricks? Never. Not in a million years. And, Google is one of the most successful companies ever.

The bottom line is always be overly professional and classy with everything you do regarding your faxes. To cut through the fax nonsense, you need to be not only 1 step above the cheese, but also 1,000.

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