Veterinarian Marketing Innovation for the Waiting Room

Ryan Cook
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Sun, May 25, 2014
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veterinarian marketing

Landing pages are vital to your online presence in veterinarian marketing, and they allow for a great deal of opt-ins for email marketing newsletters and more. However, something that not many people consider is what if there was a way to promote landing pages to clients already in the waiting room? Here's an idea to increase capability. People are on their mobile devices more than ever now, and ideally they want the ability to access Wi-Fi so their browsing doesn't eat into their data.

Offer a landing page that allows people to make an account and sign up for your newsletter while they wait. This way, people have access to the internet at your office, you raise the awareness that you have a newsletter that they can receive, and you can boost your recipient numbers. Everybody wins.

Why not mention on that page that you include a discount on services to recipients of your newsletter? Then people will be doubly likely to sign up. They'll feel appreciated and cared for as well as their pets, and they'll be likely do you the service of spreading the word.

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