Video: 4 Email Design Tips from Our In-House Designer

Video: 4 Email Design Tips from Our In-House Designer

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Email Design Tips

Ever wondered what are some of the best design tips for email newsletters? It's a question we get asked a lot, so our designer Andrea is going to guide you through how to design your email newsletter. Andrea shows you how to engage your customers, create a mobile-friendly and brand-consistent design and keep a clean layout.

The script is included below in case you would like to read along. You can also see more marketing automation videos on our YouTube page.

4 Email Design Tips - SimplyCast Video Blog from SimplyCast on Vimeo.

I'm going to go over 4 quick tips to help you improve your email designs.

1. First off, fonts. While serif fonts rule the world of print sans serif fonts are better for email as they are easier to read on a computer screen. And with the rise of smart devices you need your text to be readable on small screens too. Some of the most popular sans serif fonts to use are Verdana and Arial because they are recognizable and easy to read. Also don't forget to use web friendly fonts that everyone has installed on their computer. But if you're using SimplyCast's email editor all the available fonts are web friendly so you don't have to worry!

2. Tip number two is on colour choice. It's good to keep brand consistency so you should make the primary colour of your email match the rest of your branding. If you are going with one colour then you could use a complementary colour to make your headings, or accents pop. So if you were using orange as your primary colour you could use blue as your complementary colour to create accents in your email. Also don't be afraid to use seasonal colors to get your customers in that festive mood!

3. The third tip is about layouts. Layout is very important, and is dependant on your email's content. If your email is more text than pictures it's good to use an editorial layout with columns. If your email is more focused on promotional content then it's good to keep it clean, simple and short with an obvious call to action that lets your customer purchase your product easily. Finally, if you're featuring numerous products it's a good idea to use a grid layout so it's convenient for your customers to browse.

4. Finally, it's important to make sure your email looks good on mobile. A large portion of your emails will be read on a smart phone so you want to keep it mobile friendly. SimplyCast's email editor lets you quickly see what your email will look like on a mobile device so you can make any changes you need to.

So keep these tips in mind and you'll be sure to design an email masterpiece in the future. Thanks for watching.

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