Video Email Marketing: Solving the iFrame Problem

Video Email Marketing: Solving the iFrame Problem

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Video Email Marketing

When you have video content, typically the easiest way to market it is to let it speak for itself through trailers, teasers and clips. But when you're trying to market it via email, this is impractical due to the number of email clients that block emails containing iFrames. So how can you market your video content without using iFrames?

There are a few ways to market videos without using iFrames that will allow you to get your message out. I could talk about them all day, but I want to focus on just three. These three tricks will boost your video email marketing while avoiding the pitfalls of the iFrame problem. Infographics and images, direct linking, and social sharing are the tools that will help spread your message.

  • Infographics and images: By using infographics and images embedded in the image, you can display single snapshots of some attention grabbing point your video makes, or something eye-catching that happens. These can actually serve two purposes. You can catch your subscribers' attention and make them want to learn more. Then send them to your landing page to see more, and perhaps sign up for updates.
  • Direct Linking: Direct linking is a good way to get people to have a look at your web page. It doesn't have to be a URL either. You can insert links into text with most editors. Direct linking is a great way to get a customer to explore your website, and see what else you have to offer and what else you've worked on, too.
  • Social Sharing: With a good marketing automation platform, you should be able to include the option to share your content, so that customers can share things that are important or relevant to their interests. As such, we made sure that was a possibility, even inside of emails. Users can share your content over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

These three options are easy to use, and they are powerful distribution tools in a medium that won't facilitate using video clips. Of course, images and direct links can lead to videos, and that's not a problem. There are dozens more ways that you can market video without showing any of it, but these are the three big ones for email marketing. Pick up some additional ideas from our video marketing page, and stop by our marketing automation page to see what our platform is capable of.

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