3 Ways Autoresponders Improve Email Marketing Success

3 Ways Autoresponders Improve Email Marketing Success

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Autoresponders are the secret weapon for those waging battle in the online marketing war. They keep your customers engaged and they save you time. What more could you need? How about 3 ways that autoresponders will improve your email marketing success:

1. Improves and Maintains Business-to-Customer Relationships

Much like opt-ins, autoresponders have not only been improved upon but also maintain relationships between businesses and customers. Autoresponders do so differently than opt-ins, in that, typically they're more geared towards the individual customer rather than the customer-base, as a whole. Essentially, autoresponders help email marketers target segmented customers by purchasing history, length of loyalty and even, by zipcode. For example, a top-notch business uses email autoresponders to send timely and relevant promotions to a select group of customers based on the information the business collected.

2. Encourages Wayward Customers to Return to Shop

One of the best uses of email autoresponders is to gently remind wayward customers about how fantastic the company is. What autoresponders have done is allowed businesses to periodically schedule "reminder" emails to customers who haven't visited or purchased anything in recent memory. Further, autoresponders are also fantastic for reminding customers about their accounts or profiles registered with the company. A trick that many companies use to engage with wayward customers is to send an autoresponder that asks customers to "update" their email marketing preferences. This encourages customers to log in to the business' website or application.

3. Great Tool for Busy Companies (and Marketers!)

Above all, autoresponders are an easier alternative to maintain than email marketing. First, it's a low-tech equivalent, and also, autoresponders don't take a lot of up keep. Marketers can schedule well in-advance reminder emails that don't take a lot of foresight or designing. Typically, autoresponders are HTML-based rather than graphic-based, and that difference makes it far easier to set ahead of time than traditional emails.

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