Simple Ways to Use Multi-Channel Marketing to Plan Events

Simple Ways to Use Multi-Channel Marketing to Plan Events

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Honestly, we can't stress enough the importance of using every single marketing channel you possess to further your, well, marketing agenda. It's like trying to bake a 4-tiered wedding cake with just a fork. It can't be done.

So, here you are with a major event coming up and you know that you need to use all of your marketing channels to promote but don't have the foggiest how to go about it. No problem.

Here's how:

Simple Ways to Use Multi-Channel Marketing to Plan Events

  • Centralize all of the important information at one place online, such as your company website. Devote an individualized page just for the task so it'll be easier to direct people. Give it an easy to remember URL and add it to all of your social media pages. Think of it as your main landing page or welcome page for the entire event.
  • Include this link in all of your promotions (online, print, TV, radio). This is why it needs to be an easy URL to remember. People won't remember a long and clunky URL if they hear it on the radio. Don't forget to use mobile (SMS marketing) and fax marketing. These two options have a high rate of putting your message right in front of people.
  • Use an event management tool to send out RSVPs and track who will be attending. If your landing page was the welcome area, think of this as the online lounge where guests will mingle and keep up to date on what is going on. This is a great place to include all of the necessary details in case an email is deleted.
  • Start a buzz about your event and leak some "big ticket" item like a guest speaker or panel topic. Spread this information through your channels – email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and blog posts. Leak something of this level regularly so it builds excitement. You can also create and distribute a press release to online directories to give this special news some more legs. Just because a major news outlet does not pick it up, does not mean a press release is ineffective. If anything a press release gives the event some "official" backing.
  • "Pin" a poster or advertisement on your company Pinterest page. (Don't know what that is? Check out our post on Pinterest and Marketing.)
  • Make registering easy: not only include registration and payment options on your main event page, but allow users to direct message you on Twitter for tickets. The simpler it is for them to register, the better for everyone.
  • Use an autoresponder to thank the guest for registering for your event. Include some new tidbits that were not featured on the event page that will add even more excitement to the mix. Making the person feel like they made the right decision to attend the event will go a long way.
  • For bonus points: for people who aren't able to physically attend your event, make it available online through live streaming, podcasting or up-to-the-minute Tweets or Facebook posts. Don't forget to have people register for this! Now this option does not fit all types of events but it is certainly a great feature to add. \

Now that you know how to promote your next event using every marketing channel you have, how about making it even easier? How about putting all of these tools in one place or one account? That is what SimplyCast is all about. Do the most marketing for less and all from one user account.

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