Web Hosting in 2014: What You Need to Succeed

Web Hosting in 2014: What You Need to Succeed

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The web host industry is dynamic and competitive, and customers are always coming and going, looking for the best deals and the highest quality service. We're going to look at how a white label program can help you keep up with the trends of 2014 in order to stay ahead of the competition and reduce customer churn. If you're in the hosting industry, check out HostingCon 2014, for which SimplyCast is a Gold Sponsor.

Offering Marketing Automation

The marketing automation industry is growing rapidly, at least 50% every year. More small businesses are seeking marketing automation tools for their email marketing, text message marketing and social media marketing. By white labeling a marketing automation solution, you can access this multi-billion dollar industry while at the same time providing the tools your customers are looking for and will pay for.

Providing Simple Tools

2014 is all about making things simpler for customers. Hosts are used to talking in technical terms, yet customers are often not as tech-savvy. When it comes to providing tools, simple is better. Providing tools that even non-technically inclined customers can use opens up your business by making your services more accessible to more customers. You can still attract techie customers who want to insert their own code, yet you will also gain customers who just want to use templates and simple buttons. A white label platform of tools means simplicity for your customers.

Having an All-in-One Solution

SMB customers don't have unlimited time or unlimited budgets. They are trying to do everything at once with a small staff. The more services you offer in one place, the better. If customers can find everything they want in a web host, why would they look anywhere else? Storing contacts in one solution while doing email marketing through another solution and using yet another solution for hosting services is the old way to do things. White labeling a marketing automation solution enables you to offer more quality services through your single platform. If you can simplify your customers' days and consolidate their bills, you can build customer loyalty and boost satisfaction. An all-in-one solution is ideal for your SMB customers.

Offering Highly Competitive Prices

There are so many web host providers out there now that customers in 2014 can pick and choose who has the best deals. However, many "cheap" hosts face a high customer churn rate because they are focused on savings more than quality. With a white label solution, you get quality tools yet you also set your own prices as you see fit. This means that you can be competitive and flexible with your pricing without sacrificing quality. If you can offer great services at a competitive price, you have a recipe for long-term success.

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