Web Hosts: Complete Your Solution with Automated Marketing

Web Hosts: Complete Your Solution with Automated Marketing

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Providing web host services to thousands or even millions of clients can be complicated. How do you target each individual client? How can you keep them engaged with the services you offer? Most importantly, what services can you provide to ensure that they don't switch to another web host? We have a solution to solve these issues. It's called SimplyCast 360.

The 360 Automation Manager is a powerful, fully customizable drag-and-drop platform that allows you to send messages to your customers based on date filters, time delays, and individual customer preferences. It integrates diverse communication methods, including email, SMS, voice messaging and signup forms to provide a complete solution for each customer's unique needs.

The 360 Automation Manager keeps all your contacts and their corresponding data organized and automatically segments customers based on the criteria that you input. That means the platform can send out automatic reminders before each customer's service renewal date.

It can deliver targeted upgrade promotions to lists of customers who use a certain tool or service, for example, customers who use AdWords could have a professional SEO service offer sent to them. Also, you can send out customer satisfaction surveys and use the results for further targeting. If a customer had questionable results with marketing services, for example, offer them a free SEO review of their site.

Targeted messages consistently outperform mass messages in open rates and response rates. Customers appreciate the individual attention and personalized messages relating to their own needs, which leads to more engagement. They can select how they prefer to be contacted as well, so you always know the most effective way to reach them, and your messages can be viewed through the mode of communication that is most convenient for each customer.

Use the 360 Automation Manager to save time and effort, while creating lasting business relationships with your customers and more effectively targeting their needs. Keep track of an infinite amount of unique dates and customer preferences and show your customers that they are more than just a number. The entire process is easy, highly efficient and automatic. Click here to see how affordable automation can be!

If you're in the hosting industry, check out HostingCon 2014, for which SimplyCast is a Gold Sponsor.

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