Web Hosts: Are You Missing 4 Things Needed for Growth?

Web Hosts: Are You Missing 4 Things Needed for Growth?

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In today's hosting environment, there are add-on services that allow you to keep up with your competition and there are those that enable you to stay ahead of the curve, not merely keeping up but instead providing the example that other hosts strive for.

Providing excellent marketing tools for your customers increases ARPU, reduces customer churn, and creates an additional ongoing revenue stream. Yet creating your own tools that are fully functional and look pretty is expensive and time-consuming.

By reselling a solution that is already built, tested and proven to be successful, you can save time and money and you can start offering more services to your customers right away. In order to provide highly competitive services that SMB customers and enterprise customers need, web hosts need to focus on the following marketing tools.

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Your Own Company-Branded Tools: If you are sending your customers to other companies to meet their needs, you are missing out on an entire revenue stream. Why not offer a complete hosting and marketing solution for customers all in one place, under your very own brand? The SimplyCast Reseller program is a great example of such a solution. There is no middleman. You have complete control over how you brand and price the solution.

Email Marketing: Email is one of the most popular and effective ways to send messages and it's not going away any time soon. If you don't offer at least basic email marketing services, your customers are going to look somewhere else.

Automated Marketing: Marketing automation is a booming business, and customers want tools that save them time, help them communicate effectively, and are easy to use. Marketing automation can make communication flows run more smoothly for almost any business. Offering marketing automation tools along with your web host services is where you really step ahead of your competitors.

Contact Management for Customers: This one is basic, yes, but also necessary. Every business needs a great contact management solution. Lists and contacts are the basis of a company's marketing efforts, so make it simple for your customers to access their essential data without having to go anywhere else.

By focusing on these four areas, you can build customer loyalty and grow your business. Did you know SimplyCast has a Reseller program that allows you to provide these essentials and even more in-demand tools to your customers?

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