Welcome to the SimplyCast Affiliate Network

Welcome to the SimplyCast Affiliate Network


Welcome to the SimplyCast Affiliate Network. We are live and ready to help you earn extra money by working together and promoting our products. This is truly a one-of-a-kind network to join simply because of the ease of use, the number of products you have to sell and of course the commission rates.

We will give you a 20% commission for each first sale you make on a new client.

Just think of the earning potential just for promoting a product that is used by thousands. We provide the tracking tools, the creative content and all the support you could need to maximize your earnings.

If you are already a SimplyCast user, you already know the power and value of our products. For those new to SimplyCast and wondering what it is exactly you will be promoting, here is a rundown of all of our online marketing products.

All-in-One Marketing Products

Email Marketing – Create and manage your email campaigns using our powerful email marketing service. With over 1,000 professionally designed templates, you can choose to take advantage of the pre-made templates or upload theirs with an easy-to-use HTML editor.

Survey Marketing - Create online questionnaires, surveys, and polls for various purposes. SimplyCast customers use the survey tool for evaluations, market research, feedback and client profiling.

Event Marketing - Create and manage your events or conferences using SimplyCast's easy to use web-based Event Management Solution.

Fax Marketing - Send your message to thousands of fax numbers simultaneously, with ease and precision. Get access to fast list upload, multiple retries to busy numbers and attractive reports.

SMS Marketing - SMS marketing is perfect for business wishing to promote product or services over mobile devices with the capability to provide incentives and increase customer loyalty.

IP Monitoring - With over 150+ blacklists checked you can rest assured that your infrastructure is protected and your business emails are reaching your customers.

Link Tracking – Easily monitor and track your ROI, figure out the best campaigns and eliminate under-performing ads.

Autoresponder Marketing - Pre-schedule a series of automated messages, so you will no longer have to worry about when to send campaigns and what clients to send it to.

Free Form Builder - Create free email contact forms, RSVP Forms, survey forms, web polls, submission forms and membership sign-ups that you can place on a separate page or as part of your existing website.

Free List Management Tool - With the most powerful list manager on the market, you can import multiple types of formats, create an unlimited amount of sub-lists and access such CRM solutions as Salesforce and WordPress.

As you can see that is a lot of variety and a lot of different options to earn commissions on. Due to the all-in-one nature of the solution, new users could end up using multiple products all while your affiliate link is the reason they are there in the first place.

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