Benefits of Reselling Marketing Automation as a Digital Agency

Benefits of Reselling Marketing Automation as a Digital Agency

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Reselling Marketing Automation

As a digital agency you realize the importance of communicating with customers easily and effectively. You're familiar with online products and tools and the reach they provide to your clients.

According to Lenskold Group, 78% of successful marketers credited marketing automation with improving revenue. Help your clients extend their digital marketing reach even further through the use of marketing automation so they can take advantage of the revenue growth associated with marketing automation.

Set yourself apart from other digital agencies

Gartner reports that 28% of marketers have reduced their budget for ‘traditional' advertising in order to take advantage of and fund digital marketing. If over a quarter of marketers are now looking more to digital agencies, you have to be able to set yourself apart from the other options.

Being able to provide an all-in-one communication and marketing solution means you will be able to offer your current clients better services. And, by having better services, you will be able to draw in new clients because you are now offering something other digital agencies are not.

Help your clients effectively target their customers

Marketing automation allows users to personalize their communications and tailor their marketing to appeal to customers on an individual level.

Your clients will be able to take advantage of tools like social media automation applications, web tracking software, an integrated customer relationship manager and over 15 channels of communication to ensure that they are able to personalize all of their customer communications.

Becoming a marketing automation reseller of our white labelled system will allow you to improve the services you offer your clients.

Add value to your brand

The best part of being a reseller is that you can add an additional revenue stream to your agency without having to invest time and money into creating your own marketing platform. We have already established an all-encompassing platform that you can rebrand and resell!

By using a white labelled program you will be able to add your own branding to the platform. This means you are offering clients a new communication tool without diluting your own brand. In fact, by offering a communication and marketing platform you add value to your brand and agency.

Want more?

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