What Do Mustaches Teach Us About Marketing?

What Do Mustaches Teach Us About Marketing?

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What Do Mustaches Teach Us About Marketing

Movember is in full swing once again! Movember is the time when men all over the world grow mustaches of all shapes, sizes and colors. It's happening in the SimplyCast office too, and it's getting hairy around here. To donate to the cause, check out our team's Movember page.

Movember benefits an awesome cause, and the way it is marketed is very effective. What is so appealing about growing a mustache for men's health? And how can you incorporate Movember's marketing lessons into your own general marketing campaigns? Let's get up close and personal with the marvelous mustache marketing movement.

It has a strong, unique symbol.

Mustache Lesson: Think about how much Movember and mustache-related merchandise you've seen. The mustache symbol is used for everything from jewellery to plates to clothing to just about everything else. The symbol is instantly recognizable, memorable and highly relevant to its cause.

Marketing Takeaway: Create and promote a logo and brand image that strongly represent the essential aspects of your business. Focus on something that is unique to your business, simple so you can easily put it on merchandise and in advertisements, and memorable so customers will immediately associate it with your business whenever they see it.

It uses humor to get attention.

Mustache Lesson: Movember raises money for a very serious cause, yet a big part of its appeal is that it tackles the issue with humor. The main idea of growing a mustache for charity is innately silly, yet it is effective. Humor is a conversation starter. If you see someone rocking a mustache or mustache merchandise during Movember, this presents a great opportunity to talk about men's health or just to have a chat. It brings people together and raises awareness at the same time.

Marketing Takeaway: Humor is often a very effective marketing technique. Funny ads stand out from average boring ads so they get people's attention. Work humor into your own ads, but don't overdo it. It really depends on your business's personality and image. If your image is casual and friendly, outrageous humor may work effectively for you. If your image is more professional, your humor will probably be more subtle. Just make sure it's not offensive or questionable, as this strategy usually backfires.

It reinvents itself while maintaining its essence.

Mustache Lesson: Although the cause is the same each year, Movember marketing is anywhere from mundane and boring. It retains its signature "mo" brand core focus to promote men's health but it reinvents its promotions for each mustache season. This makes Movember very unique and memorable, setting it apart from other fundraising campaigns.

Marketing Takeaway: It is essential to maintain a strong brand to create consistency and a memorable identity. This builds loyalty, helping you connect with more leads and customers. But don't let your brand marketing get stale. Create exciting videos, new advertisements, contests and so on. Maintain your brand elements and image, but don't be afraid to try a new approach. Test different campaigns and elements. You will be able to learn what your customers respond to and what they don't.

It's personal.

Mustache Lesson: Movember appeals to such a wide variety of people because each person has their own spin on it. It has mass appeal because almost all men can grow mustaches of some sort (and women can join in the fundraising fun too). Yet the individual mustache is unique to each person, who wears it in their own specific way.

Marketing Takeaway: Your marketing campaigns need to appeal to a lot of customers yet also have to be personalized. How on earth can you accomplish this? Get a comprehensive marketing automation solution. Marketing automation solutions track and record customer behavior, activity, interests, special dates and more. This enables you to automatically personally target messages. Targeted messages get much higher open rates and conversion rates than mass messages. Marketing automation makes your marketing campaigns much more efficient and enables you to create personalized connections with each of your customers.

It gets lots of people involved in a fun, competitive way.

Mustache Lesson: Who doesn't want to get involved in the Movember madness? It's contagious! You can show your progress throughout the month, which creates a bit of competitive fun. It is interactive, which is ideal for keeping people engaged over time. Movember even uses teams, which gets more people involved and makes it more likely that people will follow through on their commitment.

Marketing Takeaway: One of the best ways to keep your customers interested is to create interactive marketing content: run social media contests, ask customers to share their pictures and stories, hold fun events and send out automatically personalized invitations to your customers, feature customer case studies in your email newsletters and so on. Anything that gets customers involved with your content helps create loyalty and boost engagement.

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