What do Web Hosts Need in a White Label Solution?

What do Web Hosts Need in a White Label Solution?

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Did you know that when web host customers purchase additional services from their hosting providers it reduces customer churn? If you have all the tools you need in one convenient package, there is no reason to switch to another host.

Many hosts choose to offer website building tools or marketing automation add-ons. Instead of spending the money and time to build additional tools from scratch, hosts often decide to white label a ready-made solution.

So what should you look for in a white label solution? We're going to help you decide which solution is right for you and your customers. If you're in the hosting industry, check out HostingCon 2014, for which SimplyCast is a Gold Sponsor.

Solution that is Affordable and Flexible for SMB Customers

Many host customers are small businesses that are trying to get their name out to a wider audience while making real connections with customers. You need a white label solution that will provide the affordability and flexibility that your SMB customers need. SMBs are often working with limited budgets and staff resources, so they need automated options that save them time and money.

Solution that is Powerful and Scalable for Enterprise Customers

You can't ignore your enterprise customers, however. Your solution has to be powerful and scalable for these customers. You need a solution that provides excellent contact management and quality deliverability. Without a powerful solution, enterprise customers will look to other providers to meet their needs.

Solution that Provides a Variety of Tools

Many hosts provide email marketing but that may be the extent of it. To appeal to a broader range of customers, it is important to offer a variety of tools that address your customers' unique needs. For example, if you white label a solution that enables your customers to do email marketing, text message marketing, social media marketing, content management and more, your customers will have access to many of the marketing tools they need to grow their businesses. The more tools that are included in a single solution, the more flexibility the solution offers.

Solution that is Simple to Use

Top quality customer support is one of the main things that web host customers are seeking. When a customer contacts you looking for assistance, you want to be able to spend time personally assisting them so your customer satisfaction stays high. In order to make the most of your staff resources, you need to provide a solution that is easy for your customers to use. Drag and drop, automated, self explanatory. The less issues customers have trying to use your tools, the more satisfied they will be with your services.

Want to white label a solution that has all of these aspects? SimplyCast has a powerful and adaptable white label solution that allows web hosts to offer 15 marketing automation tools to their customers in a single easy to use solution.

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