What Do You Want to Do with Your Automatic Tweet Scheduler?

What Do You Want to Do with Your Automatic Tweet Scheduler?

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Automatic Tweet Scheduler

An automatic tweet scheduler is kind of like a pet parakeet. You tell it exactly what you want it to say then sit back and hope that it entertains your friends. With a tweet scheduler, however, you are trying to entertain your followers and customers. Oh, and also you control exactly how and when you want your messages to go out. With a parakeet, they kind of tend to tweet at random.

So once you get an awesome Twitter marketing solution that will manage your tweets for you, how do you craft your tweets? Schedule tweets often, and stay up to date on current trends in your industry. But don't just be a randomly tweeting parakeet! You should have specific goals for your Twitter marketing. These may include the following points, and we have some suggestions to help you reach your goals.

Join an Ongoing Conversation

Creating interaction with your Twitter followers and other Twitter users shows that your business is engaged with its customers and with other businesses in its industry. Schedule tweets that address a current trending issue and use hashtags to make your tweets show up to more Twitter users and appear in relevant searches. And don't forget to retweet other users' tweets!

Boost Follower Engagement Using Automatic Tweet Scheduler

There are lots of tweets that you can schedule in order to increase the amount of follower engagement. Contest tweets are among the most likely to be retweeted, and running a contest on Twitter is a very effective way to immediately see more engagement. Other tweets that have high engagement rates are tweets that include pictures or videos. Test different tweet times to see what is the most effective for your business.

Increase Business

To increase business, you need to tweet coupons, exclusive promotions, and independent customer reviews of your products, which builds your credibility. It also increases customer trust and interaction when you tweet useful knowledge resources such as buying guides. Also, be sure to include calls to action in your tweets so your customers can easily buy, download or sign up.

Recurring Tweets

Wondering how to send recurring tweets without boring your audience or sounding like a robot? Space out recurring tweets so that they don't post at the same time every day. You can also tweak recurring tweets so that each tweet is a little bit different. Some Twitter marketing tools do this automatically, but if your automatic tweet scheduler doesn't then take a few minutes each day to manually change your tweets. Recurring tweets should alert your followers to important information, such as an upcoming closure for maintenance notice or altered store hours, or should highlight a contest or promotion so that it gets more participants.

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