What Does a Great Call to Action Button Look Like?

What Does a Great Call to Action Button Look Like?

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Great Call to Action Button

We've blogged a lot about having effective Calls to Action (CTA) in your marketing emails and on your website. Why to include it, where to put it and how to call attention to it. But what does a great CTA actually look like? Well, we're going to give you some visual examples, because sometimes a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

The first and simplest tip: round your button. It's the easiest step you can take to make it look like an actual button that people will want to click on. There's some irresistible draw people have to pushing buttons... think of when you're riding an elevator or at the store buying a new phone. Don't you just want to press each and every button to see what it does?

If you have a colored background behind your button, consider adding a white border to help define the button and make it more noticeable.

As far as the color of the button itself, choose a noticeable color that contrasts with your background but doesn't sharply clash. You want people to see it, but not to be jarred by it.

Tell potential clickers exactly what to expect when they click the button. If the button's message is vague (i.e. "Click Here"), people will be very hesitant to click it because they don't know what will happen. If the button is misleading (for example, a button that says "Learn More" but actually takes them directly to a page for creating an account) anyone who actually clicks on it will be angry and will most likely leave your website or delete your email.

You can also place two different CTAs side by side to direct attention to them and to give the person viewing the webpage or email multiple options. Often, having more things to choose from makes us more likely to try something. It's just like the fact that you eat more when you are presented with a wide variety of dishes as opposed to just one. Just make sure you differentiate between the two buttons.

There you have it. How to make your CTA visually appealing. It's critical that your button looks its best because you want people to respond and click on it. Be creative and have fun!

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