What is a White Label Reseller?

What is a White Label Reseller?

what is a white label reseller

 You may have heard the terms “White Label” or “Reseller” thrown around lately. Perhaps it was in the case of a new online technology. So, what does "White Label" mean? And what is a white label reseller?

What do these terms mean?

Before we get into the technical jargon, let’s break down these terms based on the words that comprise them. First, let’s start with “Reseller.” The basis of this word is resell, which, as well all know, would be to take an originally purchased item and sell it again – likely to a different audience. Adding “er” to the end would seem to make the term refer to the person who resells an item. When we look at “White Label,” it gets a little trickier. Yes, “label” would refer to the branding of the item, but what would “white” refer to in this sense? White typically brings up thoughts of cleanliness and blank spaces, which implies that “White Label” is a term for blank branding.

So, what is a white label reseller?

Compound the definition we’ve determined for “White Label” with our definition of “Reseller” and what do you get? A person who takes something and sells it again with blank branding. This is not far from the definition of what a white label reseller is. White label resellers are very popular in the online technology world. Essentially, what a white label reseller does is license an existing technology and rebrands it to match their company logos and colors. Then they offer it to their own clients and audiences. Technology providers allow white label resellers to take their platform, add their own branding, and offer it in other markets. Let’s say in the case of marketing automation, you see there is a need for such a system in the automotive industry. You could become a white label reseller and rename and rebrand the platform to be more relevant to that industry.

But, what are the benefits of being a white label reseller?

After asking "what is a white label reseller?" you may now be wondering why anyone would choose to become one. The benefits of choosing to be a white label reseller, especially if you choose to resell marketing automation, are numerous. First off, you are able to access a brand-new technology without needing to develop anything yourself. You also don't need to worry about maintenance of the application. Aside from that, here are the top three benefits of being a white label reseller for marketing automation.

Create a new revenue stream

Marketing automation in on the upswing in terms of popularity. Businesses around the world are beginning to realize the need for this platform and they are looking for providers. By becoming a white label reseller, you are able to fill this whole in the market and generate new revenue for your company.

Built brand loyalty

Chances are that you have a dedicated customer base that returns to you because of the relationship they have with your company. You can increase this brand loyalty by offering your existing client base state-of-the-art technological tools before they even know they need them.

Gain a competitive edge

While your competitors stick to their core offering, you can expand and gain a competitive edge in the market by answering customer demand. Now, you’re offering your core offering as well as marketing automation. This allows you to meet the needs of two different market segments while your competitors are only meeting one.

Ready to become a marketing automation white label reseller?

SimplyCast offers a White Label Reseller Program. Learn more by visiting this page. Or, click the button below to request a demo of the SimplyCast platform.

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