What is EmergHub?

What is EmergHub?

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What is EmergHub?

By now you've likely heard that SimplyCast has launched a new emergency communication system: EmergHub.

EmergHub is an all-in-one platform that allows for decreased response time, effective information gathering, and improved communication during emergency situations.

The platform was designed with input from government departments to ensure the tools developed would serve purposes specific to emergency situations. With this input, the SimplyCast team was able to develop an emergency communication system ideal for connecting stakeholders in an emergency scenario.

The EmergHub platform uses SimplyCast's existing communication automation technology, but also has new tools specific to emergency communication. These tools are:


EmergHub Alerts is a mass notification system, which allows emergency managers to quickly send messages to different groups involved in an emergency through SMS, email, voice, and fax. Alerts can be sent to first responders, civilians, or anyone else that needs to be notified during a crisis.


The OnCall is EmergHub's scheduling tool. This feature has practical uses in day-to-day operations as well as providing contact for oncall personnel in an emergency.

OnCall allows for scheduled staff to be reached at any given time, emergency or not. And, the OnCall feature allows for the scheduling of staff groups and the overwriting of shifts as necessary.


When you need to quickly gather teams of specific professionals, Recall allows you to reach out and connect automatically. Send Recall messages out over SMS, voice, or email to connect with contacts on their preferred method of communication, which increases the likelihood of your message being received.

Live Survey

Live Survey allows for data collection from the field. Ask people on the ground open-ended or multiple choice questions in order to get a better idea of the situation. Survey questions can be sent out over various modes of communication, and recipients can respond through their chosen method.


This feature of EmergHub aims to improve and streamline the teleconference process. Instead of need to send out teleconference information and have all participants dial in, EmergHub's Teleconference feature dials out to contacts to connect them to the teleconference.

Map & Blueprints

Map and Blueprints together create a powerful component of the EmergHub platform. With these features, users can select geographical areas to send messages to as well as overlay information on a common operating picture to give emergency managers a better view of an ongoing emergency.

Command Hub

Finally, Command Hub is the main dashboard of the whole EmergHub platform. Through this interface, emergency managers can manage ongoing scenarios, which includes the sending of Alerts, Recall messages, Live Survey results, and so on.

And, there you have it! SimplyCast's emergency communication system. If you'd like to learn more visit the EmergHub site or request a demo of the software by clicking the button below!.

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