What Job Seekers Teach Us About Online Marketing

What Job Seekers Teach Us About Online Marketing

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There's no real nice way to slice it: the economy isn't getting any better anytime soon, and the unemployment rate, especially in the middle class is rising.

Besides the aftermath of the stock market crash of 1929, there really hasn't been any other time in recent memory where there's been more uncertainty than now.

But, the incredible tenacity and resilience of those who are unemployed is a wondrous sight, and there are numerous lessons we can take from them and apply to our online marketing efforts.

Because, really, who are the greatest marketers in the world? Job seekers.

1. Figure Out What You Really Want to Do and Do it

Many people who are currently not employed are taking this time of incredible sadness and stress to reevaluate what they want to do with their lives. Human resource experts are recommending those who are looking consider retraining in another field or volunteer. Not only do these practices keep people fresh and relevant, its gives them an opportunity to pursue their dreams safely.

2. Shameless Self-Promotion Gets You Everywhere

From sandwich boards on Wall Street and "Hire Me!" t-shirts to personal websites that contain nothing more than a resume, job seekers are relentless in promoting their skills and wooing potential employers. Even infographics depicting one's curriculum vitae are becoming the norm. Creativity reigns with this set, especially because of the sheer amount of people competing for the scant jobs available. To rise above the noise, job seekers are promoting themselves any way that they can in order to be heard and seen.

3. Be Tenacious

When you're at the brink of losing everything that's the most important to you, you work and work hard. Losing a job may be one of the toughest things anyone can go through, and for what its worth, it sets your priorities straight. To save what you love, you'll do just about anything. One of the most admirable traits of job seekers is that they don't give up. Sure, there are setbacks, disappointments, and sheer terror, but they keep on, keepin' on. Being tenacious and single-minded in their mission – finding a job – is impressive and something that we all should emulate.

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