What the Future of Marketing Looks Like

What the Future of Marketing Looks Like

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Future of Marketing

First, we had billboards, flyers, radio and TV ads. These soon gave way to mass email marketing sends social media ads, and PPC advertising. Marketing has always progressed in such a way that it offers more to the consumer. So, what does the future of marketing hold? If we look to the past, we see how impersonal means of marketing gave way to more targeted approaches. Store flyers gave way to personalized product emails, commercials gave way to PPC and social media ads. Marketing became more online and more relevant to each end consumer. If we consider this trajectory, it only makes sense that the future marketing will continue to give way to more personalized, engaging means of communication — potentially falling away completely from the generally understood definition of marketing.

Customers are demanding more personalized content in the marketing they consume. For example, personalized emails have transaction rates six times higher than their non-personalized counterparts and almost 75% of consumers get frustrated when ads/offers/promotions on a website have nothing to do with their interests. Consumers want information that is tailored to their preferences and interests, but two-thirds of marketers say it’s their biggest internal resources struggle, even though personalized online experiences increase sales by at least 19%.

The future of marketing is personalized engagement. Full stop.

It’s evident that consumers are becoming tech-savvy and they expect the same from the brands they purchase from. Companies need to invest now in the future of marketing by personalizing their buyers’ journey and no longer relying on the “one size fits all” approach to marketing. Over 80% of consumers actually want brands to be able to understand them and their needs and know when is best to contact them and over 70% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company who recognizes them and is able to recommend new options based on previous purchases. Investing now in engagement automation means companies will be able to pull from a plethora of information about their leads in order to personalize each piece of content to the individual. This provides the lead with the personalization they are looking for while also giving the company better insight into the interests and needs of their audience.

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