What Version 7.0 Will Mean for SimplyCast Affiliates

What Version 7.0 Will Mean for SimplyCast Affiliates

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As you may have read, we are launching the newest version of our all-in-one marketing software on January 27th. The highlights of the upgrade include a new interface, A/B split testing, easier social sharing, a press release submission tool and one feature that is so awesome, we can't reveal it to the world yet (but you did learn about it in the last email we sent to affiliates).

We are in the process of converting users and by the 27th launch day, everyone will be signing up to and using Version 7.

So as an affiliate, what does all this mean to you? The quick answer is, you will have more to sell and feature, making users sign up and convert much faster. That means more commissions for you and more success as a SimplyCast partner.

We already have partners earning in the thousands per month range and with the release of Version 7, that number is sure to grow fast. We expect it to spread across the business community like news of a new iPhone or Facebook update.

There will be new marketing material to come once Version 7 is launched. Banner ads, text links and general content to use on your blogs will be added to your affiliate account.

The SimplyCast Affiliate Network has been around for one year now and it has been quite the experience working with all of our partners. The feedback has been great and the areas where we needed to "up or game", you let us know, and we fixed it.

Here are just some of the features that Version 7.0 will offer users:

7.0 Features

  • Fresh looking layout.
  • A/B split testing.
  • Relaunch of Event Marketing app.
  • Fully managed service option.
  • Credits that roll over.
  • Social media bar.
  • More blog posts featured.
  • Quick access task bar.
  • New templates for Visual Editor.
  • Endless package add ons.
  • Twitter localization.
  • Cross-check page before send.
  • Campaign preview overlay.
  • More fax reporting options.
  • Added question types in Survey app.
  • Create your own package.
  • Press release submission app.
  • Sign in to account through Facebook
  • Sign in to account through Twitter
  • Help section for first-timers.
  • View invoices and statements.
  • Quick tab access.
  • Added checklists/guides.
  • Email your reports option.
  • Easy-to-use list management.
  • Web 2.0 look and feel.
  • Did you know section.
  • Integration with leading CRM solutions.
  • Getting started tutorials.
  • Ability to become an affiliate.

So as you can see from that list, there are a lot of new selling points that you can pass on to readers. There is bound to be one product or feature that will create interest.

Stay tuned for more as the January 27th launch date approaches.

Are you interested in becoming a partner of SimplyCast and earning commissions when people purchase our product (thanks to you)? It costs nothing and you can be set up fast. Either create a new SimplyCast account or access your current account and go to the affiliate section to join.

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