What in the World is Tumblr? Should I be on it?

What in the World is Tumblr? Should I be on it?

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What is Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging site that allows users to post quick posts, photos, links, video, audio, and slideshows. Microblogging is blogging in shortened form.

Similar to Tweets, microblogs are generally different from social media sites but have the same modus operandi.

Tumblr is a blogging service, first and foremost. For some companies, Tumblr is a god-send because it connects quickly and effortlessly with customers without having to overload them with a bunch of useless information. Further, for a company that's visual or design-oriented, Tumblr is the perfect match.

What are the benefits?

If you're debating whether to jump into the world of Tumblr with your personal or professional blog, then take a moment to consider "good" and the "bad."

• Quick and easy to post

• Simple to set-up and start writing

• Incredible sharability

• Integrated with social media sites, like Twitter

• Mobile supported

• Personalized themes and designs

• Customizable URLs

• Tumblr is capable of handling large pockets of traffic

• Scheduling blogs ahead of time

• Free (!)

What are the disadvantages?

• Really awful for longer posts

• No plug-ins or widgets

• Though customizable, there are certain things like links, that Tumblr requires on every page

• Unless you find an outside source, difficult to host comments There are some disparaging comments from the Internet ether from actual or now former users. Apparently, Tumblr crashes regularly, it's hard to find pages and, horror of horrors, the customer service is entirely lackluster.

Is it right for you?

There isn't a right answer to whether Tumblr is a great fit for your needs. But, you can ask yourself a handful of questions to determine whether you should check it out:

• Do you mainly post audio or visual?

• Do you want to post more than just 140-character limit of Twitter, but don't have the time to craft long tomes?

• Are you posting on-the-go more often than from your computer? Let us know what your thoughts are on Tumblr! Do you use it for your company or personal use?

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