What's Wrong with Tourism Industry Marketing Today?

What's Wrong with Tourism Industry Marketing Today?

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Tourism Industry Marketing

Many tourism businesses suffer in this economy because people who used to travel in years past are now staying closer to home. Yet there are still unique ways to reach out to these people and others who are looking for a personalized travel and tourism experience. You just need to embrace new technology and change your tourism industry marketing strategy a bit for greater effectiveness.

The tourism industry, like other industries, now has access to marketing tools to personalize the travel experience for each tourist. Instead, many tourism businesses rely on traditional methods of one-size-fits-all advertising and marketing such as videos, magazine ads and marketing material on their websites. These aspects are important, but to really stand out you need to offer more than the average tourism business.

Offer Trips that are Personally Suited to Each Tourist's Needs and Interests

Mass marketing is designed to appeal to many people at once, but it often does not create enough of a personal connection with each person who sees it. It looks a nice vacation, sure, but it's not their vacation. But what if you could create a vacation that was individually suited to each person?

Here's how it works. You enable people to sign up to receive personalized vacation and plans and tourism information through email. Then you gather data on them using online surveys and detailed web activity tracking. This enables you to learn about their preferences, interests and special dates. All this information is automatically gathered and stored in each contact's personal profile.

Emails containing personally relevant information and links are then sent to each contact to engage them and build a personal connection. All of these personalized campaigns are possible with marketing automation for the tourism industry.

Provide Personalized Marketing Promotions at Special Times of the Year

Promotions, coupons, and other special deals are also effective for enticing tourists to travel. Using the information you have gathered in each person's profile, send out tourism promotions that appeal to their unique interests.

Since you have personal information on file, you can send out birthday specials, couple's packages on anniversaries, exclusive holiday marketing deals and so on.

Contests are another great way to get people thinking about traveling. Ask people to share their favorite travel stories on your social media pages for a chance to win a trip. This builds interaction and gets people involved and engaged.

Try Marketing Automation for Free

If you would like to try tourism industry marketing automation free of risk or obligation, sign up for a 14 day free trial.

Contact us and our team will show you how to use marketing automation for your tourism business with an interactive demo.

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