What is White Label Marketing? What You Need to Know

What is White Label Marketing? What You Need to Know

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What is white label marketing?

"What is white label marketing?" you ask. Let me explain it briefly. White labeling means that a company has rebranded another company's product or service in order to offer it to their customers as their own. Through this process, the company white labeling a product can provide their audience with a new product or service without needing to reinvent the wheel themselves.

One example of white labeling you have likely seen, even if you didn't recognize it as such, is store-brand cereal. Most grocery stores offer food products like cereal at a discount under their own name. In this case, the grocery store is not the creator of the product, but rather they have white labeled it from another company.

White labeling is not limited to tangible products anymore. Online tools, such as marketing automation, are now also being white labeled. With so many new technologies being developed, in order to stay competitive, companies need to white label or they risk being left behind as other companies are able to rapidly expand their offerings.

Before you decide to white label marketing automation, there is some vital information you should know. Don't just ask "What is white label marketing?" when you can also ask questions like, "What are the benefits?" and "Is this specific technology right for my business?"

What is white label marketing going to do for my company?

Access the latest innovations

If you wanted to offer your client a marketing automation platform and chose not to white label a solution, you would need to develop your own from scratch. Leaders in the marketing automation space have been working for years to develop and perfect their platforms and you would always be that much further behind. Choosing to white label an existing platform means that you can immediately start offering the platform as your own.

As an added bonus, as new features and tools are implemented, you have direct access to start using and offering those tools yourself. White labeling allows you to focus on the marketing and use of the platform, not its development. Instead, let the experts who have been working in the space for years worry about the development and maintenance — all you have to do is sell.

Gain a competitive edge and win budget

More and more businesses are looking to use marketing automation to aid in their day-to-day communications, marketing campaigns, and more. In fact, marketing automation is used by 42 percent of companies. As more and more companies (including your existing clients) look for marketing automation solutions, you want to be in a position to offer a solution so that your clients don't need to look elsewhere for what they need.

By being more competitive and reducing costs, you can win even tight budgets through the use of a cost-cutting/efficient technology.

Add a new revenue stream

In addition to this, you can now attract a new audience: organizations that are looking for a marketing solution. So, not only do you gain more sales from existing customers, you also attract new clients.

Marketing automation is a very lucrative industry. And, with a high adoption rate that is only going to increase in the coming years, white labeling the technology now allows you to get in on the ground floor and become an expert in the space. When you white label technology, you get to set your own margins and, in turn, your profits.

Questions to ask before white labeling marketing software

What support is offered by the vendor?

White labeling marketing automation means that you have a vendor that is able to answer your questions, clear up any issues, and generally just be there if you need anything. Be sure to ask exactly what support your chosen vendor offers before committing to white label their solution.

How many channels are on the platform?

The great thing about marketing automation is that it allows you to connect multiple different channels and tools in order to automate specific communications and processes. The more channels the platform you want to white label has, the more you'll be able to offer your clients.

Is there access to an API or integrations?

If some of your clients already use a CRM or other technology, it will be much easier for them to migrate their data if the platform has an API available or existing integrations.

Are you able to use the tools?

In order to familiarize yourself with the platform, and to improve your own marketing, you will want a white label solution that provides you with free access to all the tools. Be sure to check if this is available in your chosen platform.

If you're interested in white labeling marketing automation, SimplyCast offers the White Label Reseller Program. Through this program, you get a completely rebranded platform that you can offer to increase brand loyalty, add a new revenue stream to your business, and get an advantage of your competitors. If you'd like to learn more, contact our sales team or sign up for a demo of the solution by clicking the button below.

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