Why Become a White Label Reseller?

Why Become a White Label Reseller?

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White Label Reseller

SimplyCast's White Label Reseller Program is yet another way your organization can take advantage of everything that marketing and communication automation has to offer.

What does White Label mean, you ask?

White labeling our automation tools means that your company takes them and essentially makes them your own, with all of your branding applied so that it seamlessly integrates with all of your existing offerings. Reselling is a great way for your company to expand your service offering quickly and profitably by easily adding a number of quality tools to your repertoire that may possibly take you years to develop on your own. For all intents and purposes, SimplyCast's platform and tools simply become an extension of your company, meaning that you can keep up with the competition while not having to spend time and monetary resources toward developing this software yourselves.

With the ability to add all of your branding elements to our white-labeled platform, this allows you to maintain brand consistency across all aspects of your company. White labeling your automation tools means that even though you didn't develop these tools yourself, you aren't required to share the spotlight with us, thus reducing client churn and turnover.

When your clients see only your colors and your logos associated with the tools you are reselling, rather than those belonging to a third party, they will have no reason to look anywhere else for maintenance or any other requirements. Once they see that you are able to provide them with all the automation tools they need, they will stick by you and develop brand loyalty toward your company instead of the third-party company.

Becoming a white label reseller gives you the chance to create a new revenue stream for your company. It's simple, offer more products to your clients, adjust your prices accordingly. Also, when you have more to offer, you will attract a wider variety of clientele as your solution will suit the needs of more people.

What's more, you are able to set your own prices when reselling automation tools, so there is no limit to the amount of revenue that you can bring into your company. All the profits you make from reselling our software are yours to keep.

Interested in the White Label Reseller Program?

If you would like to learn more about becoming a SimplyCast white label reseller contact us at reseller@simplycast.com.

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