Why Fax When You Can Email?

Why Fax When You Can Email?

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Why fax when you can email

You may be asking yourself why people and organizations still use faxing as a way to communicate with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders when there are so many other communication methods that would appear to be more convenient and more effective.

For example, why fax when you can email your contacts the exact same information?

Well, if we sit down and compare fax to email, we might actually see that these two communication methods are actually more similar than you might think.

Bulk sending messages

Bulk sending, or mass sending, means that a user is able to reach many contacts at once with the same message. Think of it like a simpler version of CC’ing an email, in that you do not have to add each contact individually as a sender.

With the proper automation software, bulk sending messages to entire lists of contacts all at once is possible with both email and fax. Automation software allows users to create email or fax campaigns and choose which contact lists to send to from various lists stored within the software.

Just remember, when sending bulk messages (either by email or fax), to make sure you are only sending to contacts who subscribed to receive communications from you, or else you will be in violation of anti-spam legislation.

Sending from a computer

When people ask, “Why fax when you can email?” they may be thinking of the bygone days when you had to feed a document through a fax machine manually for every contact you were sending to, making the process long, tiresome, and often frustrating.

However, nowadays both email and faxing can be done straight from your computer!

As mentioned above, this is possible through the use of automation software. We know already that emails are easy to send through a computer, but fax automation software also allows users to build fax campaigns from their computers and send them to contacts without even going near a fax machine, saving time and effort on the part of the sender.

Message Scheduling

Another thing that automation software can help with for both email and fax sending is the ability to schedule messages to send at a specific date and time – days, weeks, and even months into the future.

This means that yet another advantage of email over fax can now be dismissed. Automation software allows users to schedule their fax and email campaigns to send automatically whenever they need to be instead of having to remember to click the Send button whenever the right time comes.

Message personalization

Many people tend to look toward email for sending messages due to the sheer amount of personalization that can be done to tailor each message to each individual recipient. They don’t believe that fax automation has these capabilities.

Again, these people couldn’t be more wrong!

Fax automation, like email automation, allows users to pull recipients’ specific information into the message by using merge tags, which are pieces of placeholder text that are placed into the message that automatically get replaced by information from each contact that is stored on the list upon the sending of the message.

For example, using the %%NAME%% merge tag at the beginning of the email or fax message will automatically add each recipient’s name.

But seriously, why fax when you can email?

We’ve covered just some of the ways in which fax and email are similar sending channels, yet perhaps you may still be wondering why you would bother to send anybody a fax at all.

For one thing, fax is a secure communication method that is ideal for sharing sensitive information with other parties, such as legal documentation or medical information. Where email is susceptible to viruses and hacking, fax transmissions do not require access to the internet at all in order to be sent and received.

As well, fax is the one communication channel that produces a physical document for its recipients. Physical documents are much less likely to be ignored, such as the case may be for emails that get buried in an inbox. By sending a fax, you can be sure that your recipients have seen your message.

Automation all the way

Do you know what’s better than sending just by fax or just by email? Sending by both channels, of course!

An all-in-one automation platform gives you the ability to leverage multi-channel communication, from fax to email to voice, and SMS. So, the question changes from “Why fax when you can email?” to “Why one channel when you can send to all?”

Click the button below to sign up for a demo of SimplyCast’s all-in-one automation platform to discover the benefits of using fax automation alongside multiple other communication methods, all right at your fingertips!

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