Why Interns at SimplyCast are Well Paid and Highly Valued

Why Interns at SimplyCast are Well Paid and Highly Valued

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Interns at SimplyCast

An internship can be the opportunity which launches a talented individual onto their career path. It can also be the beginning of a permanent or semi-permanent position in a great workplace. Above all, it is a chance to learn and to contribute ideas in a team environment.

Many interns are paid low wages, however, or may not be paid at all. Here at SimplyCast, we strongly believe that our interns are an essential, valuable part of our team and their compensation should reflect the dedication and passion they show and all the hard work they put in. This is one of the reasons we pay our interns well. SimplyCast has an unconventional hiring process, which results in an above-average retention rate for our employees, coops and interns. We do not wait until a position opens then try to find someone to take over that position as quickly as possible. We look for individuals who are talented and motivated and who will be a great fit for our company and our team. When we find those people, we make room for them.

Whenever we accept an intern, we are recruiting for the future. SimplyCast is the ideal work environment for interns because we have open communication between all members of our team, advancement opportunities and we emphasize the belief that every person who works here is an essential, respected contributor. SimplyCast is a place to share insight, to absorb new knowledge, to learn new strategies and to share your valuable ideas and experience.

Internships at SimplyCast can be job training opportunities for those who want to pursue a career with us in development, marketing, sales, design and more.

An internship here also teaches individuals how to collaborate on large team projects and how to manage your time individually. If you're seeking a great place to start or continue your career, this is the place for you.

An internship at SimplyCast benefits the intern as well as our company. The intern learns and the current team learns. Interns consistently surprise us with how quickly they pick up knowledge and contribute true value to our company. The return on investment is well worth it. Interns bring fresh ideas, strong work ethic and a diverse array of knowledge to our table. SimplyCast helps them develop the tools and experience they need to be successful.

Internships are also important partnerships and strong friendships. Our interns are valued as highly as all our other employees. They have important responsibilities and deadlines to meet as well, so we want them to know they are appreciated. Interns, thank you for all you do!

Interested in applying to SimplyCast? View our job postings.

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