Why Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations Doesn't Work

Why Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations Doesn't Work

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Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

 Let's clarify why marketing for nonprofit organizations often doesn't get the results you had hoped for. Some marketing strategies work very well for nonprofit organizations, but many nonprofits use old and outdated strategies that now fail to engage supporters. Many donors and members of your nonprofit community now prefer to interact online, through email or text messages. If most of your marketing efforts are based on traditional methods, you may want to update.

Don't think online nonprofit marketing has to be overly technical and impersonal. Online marketing can still focus on grassroots campaigns, but it opens your organization up to an entirely new pool of donors. Widen your reach and connect with more people who will support your cause.

Let's examine three common reasons why traditional nonprofit marketing is not as effective as it once was. We will then show how you can update some of these tried and true strategies for new donors, to make your marketing more effective.

Your Appeal is Not Personal Enough

People now expect a more personalized approached to marketing. Using collected data, organizations can now connect with people based on their individual preferences, previous donation history, location and much more. All this can be done automatically by an automated nonprofit marketing solution. Create a more personalized connection to make current donors more loyal and reach new ones.

You're Not Using Social Media

Social media is used as a power for good and evil because it reaches so many people every day. Not enough nonprofit organizations are using social media regularly. Social media is a powerful way to connect with more donors than you ever thought possible. With the right messages, fundraising campaigns often go viral. Nonprofit organizations use hashtags, trending topics and videos to help make their campaigns more successful. With an automated marketing solution, you can create social media posts in advance and they will be posted automatically at organic times.

It's Not Easy Enough for People to Donate

Many people may believe in your cause, but that doesn't mean they will go out of their way to donate. Think about it. If someone asks you to click a single button or take 30 seconds of your time, will you do it? How about if someone tells you to find a website, log on, enter all your information and spend five minutes of your time? Most people will always choose the easiest way. Your donation methods should be very simple and quick. They could include a "click here" button in your emails or on your website. Another simple way that people can donate without wasting time is through text message. Set up a short code that people can text to in order to donate a set amount, such as $10.

How Do You Improve Your Nonprofit Marketing?

Make it easy on yourself and get a comprehensive automated marketing solution. The best kind is an all-in-one solution that includes many different types of marketing, such as email, text message, voicemail, social media and so on. You won't believe how much time and effort you will save just by automating small communication tasks.

Your automated nonprofit marketing solution will collect data with every message it sends out so you can learn how to optimize your messages based on real data from your supporters.

Try our all-in-one automated nonprofit marketing solution for free. Our experts would be happy to show you how it works with a demo, and we have special reduced pricing for nonprofit organizations.

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