Why the Opt-In is Crucial to Your Email Marketing Success

Why the Opt-In is Crucial to Your Email Marketing Success

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Opt-In is Crucial to Your Email Marketing Success

Spam. Junk mail. Unsolicited email communication. These are terms you definitely do not want associated with your company's email campaigns. You may be tempted to send bulk emails to a list that you have rented or purchased, but this is a bad idea. Ensure that your emails are sent only to people who want to receive them by having a simple opt-in process. This type of marketing is called "permission based marketing" and is practised consistently by savvy email marketers.

There are many ways to get people to opt-in. You can have an option on your website, "Click here to sign up for our email newsletters and special promotions," you can ask people to opt in when they fill out surveys, have an opt-in option on your social media pages, if you have a physical location you can ask customers in person if they would like to receive your emails and so on.

Why is the opt-in process so important? You want to ensure that the people you are sending your emails to actually want to receive them. If not, the customer will just consider your emails to be more junk mail for them to delete. You do not want to waste time and money sending out emails to people who are never going to read them. You could even be flagged as a spammer. Your company reputation will be tarnished in the eyes of the people receiving the unsolicited emails, and they may stop dealing with your company altogether.

If you have a list of opt-in subscribers, however, you already know that every person on that list is interested in getting your emails. These customers will be much more likely to open and read the emails, so your marketing dollars will not go to waste. Marketing emails that are sent to targeted groups of interested customers are much more effective than marketing emails that are sent to every customer, whether they have opted in or not. Customers who have elected to get your emails are also more likely to make purchases because of those emails.

Always make sure to include a prominent "Unsubscribe" option in your emails. This way, if a customer decides they no longer want to receive the email, they can easily opt out. Unsubscribes are also a great way to gather information. If you see a higher than normal unsubscribe rate after a certain email campaign, you know something went wrong and you can reevaluate the campaign.

All email marketers want their emails to be opened and read. Why waste your time, money and efforts sending mass emails to everyone you possibly can when most of those people are just going to click "Delete"? Sending your emails to a smaller group that has chosen to receive them will ensure that you are following best email marketing practices and that you don't make any of your customers angry.

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