Why Should I Resell Marketing Automation?

Why Should I Resell Marketing Automation?

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Marketing automation is a hot industry right now. It has grown consistently year after year, well into the billion dollar range. Businesses that use marketing automation typically receive a 451% increase in qualified leads.

With a growing industry showing such promising results, it is important that you consider getting involved by reselling marketing automation technology as a white labelled product. Read on for reasons why you should resell marketing automation.

Take advantage of pre-existing technology

Sure, you could start from scratch and create your own automation platform. However, this is a long and arduous task that can take a large investment of time and money.

Why invent a program that already exists? SimplyCast offers a white labelled version of our technology, which you can market under your own brand. By doing this, you will be able to offer your clients, no matter their industry, the capability to communicate with their customers personally and automatically.

Add value to your brand

Being able to offer your clients a new method of communication will set you apart from your competitors. Providing white labelled marketing automation under your own brand will increase the value of your brand and attract new clients.

Create an additional revenue stream

Marketing automation is a billion dollar industry. By reselling the technology, you take advantage of the industry and add an additional revenue stream to your company. You will also have additional revenue coming from new clients who choose you over the competition because you offer an effective way for them to manage their marketing and communications.

Offer your clients more

With SimplyCast's all-in-one marketing automation platform, you can offer your clients some or all of the platform's features. The platform contains over 15 different methods of communication including SMS, email, fax and social media. With an integrated customer relationship manager, your clients can easily manage their customers and communications automatically. You pick and choose which aspects will appeal the most to your clients and make that your offering.

Want to learn more?

Contact our reseller team at reseller@simplycast.com to find more information about white label marketing automation

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