Why You Should Use Secured Fax Blasting for Clinics

Why You Should Use Secured Fax Blasting for Clinics

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Secured Fax Blasting for Clinics

Jim works for ABC Clinic as part of the front desk staff. His job is to process patients, perform admin tasks, and contact suppliers when the doctors begin to run low on supplies. However, Jim also needs to deal with all these tasks manually. This inevitably means that if there is a supply crisis, or several patients need prescriptions faxed, Jim might wind up unable to help patients coming into the clinic or answer the phone. Jim needs a way to cut down on the number of manual tasks he has to complete.

In this digital era, tools exist that could alleviate a lot of these problems, as well as eliminate some of the capacity for human error on patient files. Efficiency can be increased, and Jim can be given more time to handle accounts that require manual interaction. Rather than hiring more staff and increasing the likelihood that Jim’s front desk team could make mistakes or be overburdened with tasks, automating the faxing process as much as possible allows them to take a small part of the process off their plate and focus on the more complex or difficult tasks.

Here’s why Jim and people like him should consider the merits of a secure fax blasting solution for clinics.

Shall we begin?

Secure Fax Blasting Solution for Clinics

Reason 1: Efficiency

Obviously, fax blasting can’t be used in emergency situations, or to transmit highly confidential information such as patient data without the utmost care, and usually there is a better way to handle such things. So why would you use fax, and what about fax proves more efficient? For one, fax can be used to quickly communicate with pharmacies, suppliers, hospitals, and specialists. When communicating non-emergency messages to any of these organizations, a fax notification can be a fantastic way to request supplies, relay referral information, send prescriptions, or notify colleagues of information that doesn’t need to be relayed instantly. In some emergency situations, fax can even be a nonverbal means of alerting the requisite responders!

Reason 2: Industry presence

Ultimately, the truth is that since the medical industry still uses faxing pretty regularly, you also have a reason to – the network effect, or “because other people are using it.” This simple fact points to a need for a clinic to have faxing capabilities just to be able to operate within the industry. The argument can be made that fax has been the cause of some confidential information breaches recently, however that’s the whole reason you’re looking at an automated solution! By automating your clinic’s fax services, you’re minimizing human error and adding the ability to test send in advance!

Reason 3: Security

It is possible to intercept almost any form of communication. Intelligence agencies the world over would have a very bad day if this were suddenly not true. Furthermore, data breaches at major organizations seem to be commonplace in this part of the “Information Era.” However, faxing can be isolated from your network, meaning that data breaches are less likely to involve your faxed messages. National governments still use fax today. So you see, fax is still a viable option for secure messages if your clinic needs to ensure some information isn’t available on your hard drives or office network.

Reason 4: Proof of receipt

Our automated secure fax blasting for clinics has a feature that is paramount in medical faxing – send reports! A big problem with fax has historically been that you just don’t know if the recipient has received the message. Emails often run into the same problem. Fax automation solutions can confirm that the message is received and the reporting that looks for that information comes in in almost real time. This means that you can look at a report soon after sending a message and breathe easy knowing that your recipient should see it soon.

This looks useful! What now?

SimplyCast’s secure faxing solution is 100 percent ready to go and fully customizable based on your needs. Depending on your business requirements, our consultants can help you design a perfect secure fax blasting system for clinics using our secure faxing for clinics solution.

Why wait? Speak to our experts today! Click the button below to request a demo of the solution today!

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