Why “Warm Fuzzy” Press Releases Are Marketing Ninjas

Why “Warm Fuzzy” Press Releases Are Marketing Ninjas

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Before you get scared over the very thought of "warm fuzzy" press releases, just take a moment to understand their incredible power.

Honestly, "warm fuzzy" press releases are the marketing dynamites that often get overlooked because of their nature. "Warm fuzzy" press releases are about topics that have nothing to do with your products, sales initiatives or hiring and firing practices, but, in some ways, are more effective at strengthening your brand than anything else.

These press releases show the world that you're company has a beating heart and isn't so focused on sealing the next deal.

Think about it: if all the world hears about you are promotions and sales figures, they'll assume you'll run them over to get another buck, without a second thought.

Negative feelings don't drive sales, "warm fuzzy" ones do. Here are some ideas to start from (and, hey, these ideas may actually change some internal workings of your company):

Charity Support

This covers everything from monetary donations (think: giant check photo-op), action (your company raises money by competing in a race) or a challenge ("For each product sold, $1 will be donated"). These press releases will cover a lot of ground for you and also position the company as a giver instead of a taker. SimplyCast example

Go Green

Though "going green" has been the rage worldwide for years now, it hasn't lost any steam or impact. And, this is a simple press release to write, as well. What has your company done to be more environmentally friendly? Chances are, you guys have done a lot in this area, and all of it is newsworthy. For a "green" press release, since it isn't time sensitive, try to plan it around Earth Day (April 22) or another environmental holiday. For bonus points, add a photo of your staff cleaning up trash or planting trees on Earth Day as a nice tie-in. It shows that you're committed to doing your part for the environment.

Economic Impact

This topic is a bit harder to work on, but incredibly effective. Essentially, take a long look at what your company has done, financially, for the community in which you're based. How many tax dollars flow back through? How many jobs have you added?

What "warm fuzzy" type press release have you posted about your company? We would love to hear about it, even see it. Leave a comment and share your link. Need a hand speeding up the process of distributing your press release? Sign up for SimplyCast's press release marketing tool today.

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