All-Encompassing Mobile Marketing Strategy: Why You Need

All-Encompassing Mobile Marketing Strategy: Why You Need

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Now more than ever, having a mobile marketing strategy is an important part of a successful overall marketing strategy. More and more people are relying solely on their mobile and smartphones for all their communications, from disconnecting their landlines and using mobile as their internet browsing device.

At one time, mobile marketing was a backburner marketing initiative that focused only on sending SMS messages to clients that expressed an interest in receiving that kind of communication. And while SMS marketing is important, it is no longer the main focus of mobile marketing.

The definition of mobile marketing has shifted. It has shifted away from a single channel focus to encompass all channels. Now, mobile marketing includes SMS and voice, but it also includes email, social media, landing pages, surveys, and forms – essentially anything that can be done online needs to be part of your mobile marketing strategy.

For things like social media posts, there's not much on your end that would need to change in order to make your social media presence mobile friendly. This is because sites like Facebook and Twitter recognize the need for mobile-friendly applications and both offer mobile-optimized apps and sites for users. This means your content is automatically made available for mobile devices. Email is a different story.

When you're sending emails to your contacts, there are some users that choose to open these messages on a desktop computer. But, this group of contacts is constantly growing smaller; over half (55 percent) of all email is now opened on mobile devices. Since you cannot control which device your users will open the email on, it's important that all emails are optimized for mobile to ensure that your message is properly seen.

The same thing goes for landing pages, surveys, and forms. This is because it is predicted that by 2017, mobile devices will account for 68 percent of all internet traffic. Having all your marketing content and materials optimized for mobile will help make the transition easier as more people view your messages on mobile devices.

SimplyCast provides marketing and communication tools for email, SMS, landing pages, social media, forms, surveys, and more. Additionally, SimplyCast has tools to help optimize all of your communications for mobile, thus helping you have an all-encompassing mobile marketing strategy.

Utilizing a platform like SimplyCast allows you to have a controlling hand over all communications, both mobile optimized and not. SimplyCast provides a marketing automation platform, SimplyCast 360, which allows you to automatically provide contacts with personalized information through their preferred method of communication.

If you'd like to see how marketing automation can work for you, sign up for a 14-day free trial of SimplyCast 360.

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