Why You Need to Track Your Links

Why You Need to Track Your Links

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Madison Ave ad men and even good ol' Sterling Cooper would've given, well, pretty much anything to have access to the absolutely incredible and valuable information link tracking provides about your customers. Their habits! Their online behaviors!

I may even hedge a guess that the entire Sterling Cooper staff would immediately become teetotalers at the very thought.

If you are not tracking links, you are wasting time, money and energy on all of your online marketing endeavors (and making Don Draper cry).

Why You Need to Track Links

To learn. It's simple as that. You're learning about your customers and you're learning about your company. Combined with on-going testing and data analysis, the picture of your customer is clear.

  • Learn and eventually predict customer behaviors and habits with your online and mobile marketing channels.
  • Learn and analyze repeat customer behavior.
  • Learn what works.
  • Learn from what doesn't work.
  • Learn how customers find you.
  • Learn how customers react to their subscriptions (SMS, email).
  • Learn if your online marketing strategy is working.

So, where do you start?

Track every single link clicked in your email marketing campaign, SMS, social media site and company website.

In upcoming posts, we will continue this series and look at what links to track in terms of Email Marketing Campaigns and SMS marketing campaigns.

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